9th Generation Buncombe County Farmer Seeks County Commissioner Seat

Trusted and Proven Leadership on Agriculture, Conservation, Education, and Rural Resiliency

Democratic Candidate for District 1; Election Day is November 3, 2020

Terri Wells and her campaign are abiding by recommendations for physical distancing (social distancing). We all wish to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve. Terri is using videos to speak directly to our community. Tap or click on the Videos tab below to see a collection of Terri’s campaign videos. Terri is the Democratic candidate for Buncombe County Commissioner in District 1. Election Day is November 3, 2020. To see Testimonials, read about Issues, find Ways to Help or Donate, tap or click on those tabs. Thank you.


Video Journals & Issues Discussions – Terri Wells for Commissioner

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About Democratic Candidate Terri Wells for Buncombe County Commissioner

Terri Wells taught high school English in North Carolina public schools. Terri earned her BA at UNC-Chapel Hill and a Master’s in Education from University of Colorado at Boulder. Terri worked as the Director of Academic Coach and Scholarship Programs for the Asheville City Schools Foundation. Terri serves us as Vice-Chair of the Buncombe County Agricultural Advisory Board. Terri is a ninth-generation Buncombe County farmer, who currently works as Director of Community and Agricultural Programs for WNC Communities.. Terri grew up in Sandy Mush, where she lives today with her husband Glenn Ratcliff, who is also a Buncombe County native. Glenn teaches Chemistry at A-B Tech Community College.

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Issues and Priorities – Buncombe County Commissioner Candidate Terri Wells

Protecting Farms & Forests

Terri serves as Vice-Chair of the Buncombe County Agricultural Advisory Board. She has helped leverage more than 3 million in state and federal funds to conserve family farms across our county.

Farming & Stewardship

Terri is a ninth-generation Buncombe County farmer from Sandy Mush. Her perspective is deeply rooted in the community-minded spirit and strong work ethic of her farming community.

It is imperative that we are good stewards of our resources so that we can thrive today and in the future.  We must focus on addressing the challenges posed by climate change by adapting to the differences we are experiencing, as well as working to mitigate them.  – Terri Wells

Equity & Inclusion

Terri will ensure that fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement for all people is a top priority. Terri will seek and include the participation and leadership of all community members.

Public Health & Safety

Public health and safety are essential services of our local government. Terri recognizes that mental health is essential to overall health. Terri supports health care providers and first responders.

I believe in the inherent worth and dignity of every person. I acknowledge that racial injustice exists and persists in our community. I will ensure that our policies and priorities promote racial justice and equity so that everyone has the opportunity to feel safe and thrive. – Terri Wells

Public Education

Terri will ensure that our schools get the support they need to provide our children a quality education. Terri taught high school English in North Carolina public schools. Terri earned a Master’s in Education.

Student Advocacy

Terri will ensure that our children get the support they need to benefit from a quality education. Terri worked as the Director of Academic Coach and Scholarship Programs for the Asheville City Schools Foundation.

We must ensure that every child receives a quality education, Pre-K through 12, and that every Buncombe resident has access to life-long learning opportunities.  A quality education is the foundation to improving quality of life and the door to opportunity. – Terri Wells

Rural Broadband

Through a years-long collaborative effort, Terri helped bring high-speed Internet to the Sandy Mush Community Center.

Rural Economy

As Director of Community and Agricultural Programs for WNC Communities, Terri works with people from across WNC.

We must ensure that everyone has access to high quality Broadband. This is a priority so that everyone, no matter where they live, has the ability to get a quality education, access their healthcare needs, and have economic opportunity. From farmers to entrepreneurs, we need to invest in our homegrown talent.  – Terri Wells

Climate Change

Terri will address climate change with policies for both fighting & adapting.

Managing Growth

Terri will steer responsible growth that protects our character & sustainability.

Connected Greenways

Greenways and recreational assets improve quality of life and create healthier, more livable communities. 

Distributing Hotel Taxes

Tax dollars raised from tourism should be spent wisely and in service to our residents.


Testimonials for Terri Wells from Throughout Buncombe County

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Endorsements of Terri Wells for Commissioner

Terri Wells is endorsed by farmers, educatorsand community leaders throughout District 1 and Buncombe County, and Terri is endorsed by the Buncombe County Association of Educators and Asheville City Association of Educators, WNC Sierra Club and Equality NC, including

Vanessa Campbell & Alex Brown, Full Sun Farm • Jerry Roberts, Cherry Lane Farm

Aaron & Annie Grier, Gaining Ground Farm• Bruce Snelson, Snelson Farms

Jamie Ager, Hickory Nut Gap Farm • Dianne & Jeff Frisbee, Addison Farms Vineyard

Anthony Cole, Jasperwood Farm • Ronnie & Becky Caldwell, Caldwell Farms

Katie Grear & Mike Adams, Lady Luck Flower Farm • Tara Adinolfi, Ostara Farm

Mark & Donna Diaz, Crosscreek Farm • David Snelson, Sycamore Valley Farm

Shannon Morgan, SD Morgan Farms • Mandy Hornick, Blue Ridge Blooms

Paul & Pat Gallimore, Long Branch Environmental Education Center • Kevin Duckett, Duckett Farm

Kate & Fairman Jayne, Sandy Mush Herb Nursery • Gary & Leisa Roberts, Sunset Farm of Alexander

K. Ray Bailey • Doug Jones • Sam Smathers • Kenet Adamson

Bruce & Carol Peterson • Charlotte Moore • Pat Deck •Gordon Grant

Ellen J. Perry • Dr. Sandy Anderson • Betsy Wilson • Peggy Baldwin •Marjorie Locke

Jennie & Jim Coman • Jerry Plemmons • Steve & Renne Ensley • Jewel & Howard Bridges

David and Kathleen Anders • Joan Creasman • Copland Rudolph • Kate Pett • William Hamilton

Ways to Help

You Can Help Elect Terri Wells to Buncombe County Commission

Thank you for being willing to can help Terri win the General Election on November 3, 2020. Terri appreciates your financial contribution and also the gift of your time and energy. You can donate online or by mail, volunteer, sign up for our newsletter, follow Terri on Facebook, and subscribe to Terri’s YouTube channel. Thank you to everyone who helped make it possible for Terri to win the March 3rd Democratic Primary with more than 66 perent of the vote.


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Terri Wells would appreciate your vote for Buncombe County Commissioner in District 1 in the November 3 General Election. Every registered voter in Buncombe County’s District 1 can vote in this election. Terri won the Democratic Primary on March 3rd with more than 66% of the vote.

Help Elect Terri Wells to Buncombe County Commission

You can help Terri win the General Election on November 3, 2020. Terri appreciates your financial contribution and also the gift of your time and energy. Please make a donation, volunteer, or sign up for our newsletter. Thank you to everyone who helped make it possible for Terri to win the March 3rd Democratic Primary with more than 66 perent of the vote. Terri is a candidate for District 1.

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